Workwear and accessory management software for seamless record-keeping, approvals, and reporting. Efficiently manages inventory and accessories.

The module records diverse items such as work attire, equipment, protective gear, IT tools, and furniture.
It streamlines shift planning, ensures compliance with employment laws, and facilitates tran•It excels at managing intricate hierarchical structures that encompass multiple countries, sites, units, cost centers and workgroups.
The module has the capacity to record various items, including work attire, work equipment, protective gear, IT tools such as laptops, mobile phones, and SIM cards, as well as furniture and other work-related equipment.

The software is capable of managing multiple warehouses and also facilitates employee access to these warehouses.

The system can manage various equipment tailored to specific job roles.

The software can comprehensively manage a wide array of information for specific workwear and equipment, including details like type, size, color, warranty, expiration date, serial numbers, IMEI numbers, whether it is new or used, its current status, and whether it is undergoing repairs, among other attributes.

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