Our shift module is a sophisticated planning tool that effortlessly integrates KPIs, attendance, regulations, and employee skill matrices,  for streamlined, flexible scheduling.

The shift planner can effortlessly adjust schedules using a user-friendly interface that considers legal requirements, staffing needs, and competency assessments.
Within the module, the shift planner or team leader possesses the capability to make schedule adjustments in order to accommodate the ongoing shifts in the plan. This is made possible through a user-friendly interface that offers pertinent information, such as the schedule itself.
Furthermore, it is designed to handle legal requirements, staffing requirements, competency assessments, and job roles in its calculations.

The staffing requirements, including the required number of staff, can seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as the production system and booking system.

For enhanced transparency and more precise planning, the system not only incorporates competency, job roles, and skills but also allows the visualization of other types of data, such as balance, holidays, and compliance with legal working hours, among other factors.

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In addition to the various interface options available for defining staff requirements, team leaders and shift leaders can also input these numerical values in dedicated surfaces provided by the software.


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