Welcome to Login Autonom GmbH's Research Hub, your gateway to the latest in HR digitalization. Our hub is stocked with easy-to-understand documents, publications, case studies, and quick-read one-pagers.

These resources are the result of hard work by our team and the visionary leadership of our CEOs, Dr. András Fehér, PHD and Dr. Csaba Otti, PHD. Not only are they the driving force behind Login Autonom, but they're also respected professors in HR Digitalization and Security Technology, sharing their knowledge at universities across the EU.

Our collection is designed to be accessible, offering valuable insights and trends in technology and business that are shaping our future. We focus on providing information that's not just informative but also inspiring and empowering, making it easier for you to grasp complex concepts.

Login Autonom GmbH is built on the belief that understanding and knowledge can lead to significant advancements. We're committed to exploring the latest developments in our field, fostering discussions, and exploring new paths to innovation. 

Join us as we simplify the complexities of our fast-changing world. Our resources are here to enlighten and educate, opening up new possibilities for progress.

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