The HR core system boasts superior integration capabilities and flexibility, effortlessly managing diverse data and complex organizational hierarchies.

The software offers flexible integration with diverse systems, multilingual capabilities, and GDPR-compliant data handling.
Flexible and rapid integration capabilities with various systems. Payroll, Access Control, ERP, MES, WMS, HCM, DMS, L&D, T&A, ATS ect
Multilingual capabilities, proficiently handling a wide array of characters and language variations, including Chinese, Cyrillic, and Arabic characters. Users have the option to use the software in their native language.

The data handling practices adhere to GDPR regulations, and the processes undergo continuous monitoring by third-party auditors.

It excels at managing intricate hierarchical structures that encompass multiple countries, sites, units, cost centers and workgroups. This versatility enables seamless global implementation while accommodating diverse user rights, effectively representing the complexity of a global organizational structure.

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