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Optimize HR efficiency, eliminate manual work, and streamline processes.

Advanced schedule planning capabilities to enhance shift coordination, all in just a matter of minutes.

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Trust a proven solution for seamless and successful HR operations worldwide, supported by over 10 years of international implementation expertise.


HR software, reaching the shop floor level, empower your entire team, from executives to blue-collar employees



Comprehensive HR software, backed by interdisciplinary expertise in Security Technology, Production, IT, HR, Legislation, and deep knowledge of Labor Law.


Elevate your HR management with a solution that understands your unique business needs.
Effortlessly integrates with various systems like ERP, Payroll, Access Control, Production, and WMS, simplifying your processes and boosting overall efficiency.

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Streamline HR processes for increased operational efficiency.
Enhance teamwork and communication within your organization.
Improve data accuracy with automated HR systems.
Ensure regulatory compliance with integrated HR solutions.
Boost overall productivity by simplifying complex workflows.
Gain valuable insights into workforce analytics for informed decision-making.
Employee Satisfaction:
Foster a positive work environment, promoting employee satisfaction and retention.
30+ years of expertise in implementing access control systems, biometric solutions, and camera systems.

Ease++ Software

HR Core module adeptly manages complex org structures, offering multi-layered support, dynamic data management, automated workflows, comprehensive analytics, and robust integration with a user-friendly interface.

An advanced and user-friendly interactive communication platform, especially tailored to meet the diverse needs of blue-collar employees, is designed to be accessible across multiple devices.

The module simplifies processes for both employees and managers, enabling quick absence requests and offering insightful dashboards, while ensuring accessibility via a user-friendly interface on various platforms.

Our Time & Attendance System adapts to all work structures, ensuring legal compliance, and streamlines complex approval flows for efficient schedule planning.

Advanced work activity tracking systems manage complex hierarchies and customized processes, aligning with specific norms and efficiency metrics. They support performance-based salary models, enhancing productivity and accountability.

Effortlessly navigates complex hierarchies. It integrates skill matrices, tracks competency requirements, and streamlines training processes. Implementing robust 360-degree evaluations, it ensures precise competency assessments and strategic training interventions, elevating your workforce's potential.

User-friendly software for team leaders, utilizing employee competencies, legal mandates, company KPIs, and various parameters for effortless scheduling adjustments, ensuring peak workforce efficiency and compliance.

Comprehensive workwear and accessory management software your all-in-one solution for seamless professional record-keeping, approval processes, and robust reporting. This tool streamlines workflow, ensuring efficient management of workwear inventory and accessories.

Experience streamlined workforce management with our native app—absence tracking, time functions, approvals, and chat. Available on iOS and Android, it offers a personalized platform for enhanced efficiency. Elevate your team's performance today!

AI-based scheduling systems revolutionize workforce management by considering employee needs, skills, labor laws, and company policies. They efficiently balance various factors and generate optimal schedules in just 10 minutes, ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction.


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