Absence Tracking Solution

Module streamlines absence requests and insights, offering a user-friendly interface for employees and managers on multiple platforms.

The software features an interactive and user-friendly design that meets the needs or preferences of both white-collar and blue-collar employees.
It is accessible across multiple platforms, including laptops, tablets, and industrial PCs, and offers native mobile applications compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
It has the capability to manage various types of absences and can be customized to accommodate specific absence categories as per customer requirements.

The software possesses the capability to manage various types of absences tailored to different user groups effectively.

It is adapted at calculating and displaying absences, whether in hours or days.

Each user has a personalized dashboard that reflects their individual absences and provides an overview of their status in relation to the annual plan, highlighting any surplus or deficit in absences.

The software includes a calendar view that allows users to access a comprehensive annual calendar, displaying relevant bank holidays based on the selected county or nationality.

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Users can easily request a holiday or absence with just two clicks or by using their fingers on an industrial PC or mobile phone, ensuring a quick and seamless process.

Employees can visualize the current status of their approval process through distinct icons that represent the real-time status of their request.

The software features email notifications for requesting, accepting, or rejecting absences, and it seamlessly handles notifications through the mobile application as well.

It incorporates a hierarchical absence approval structure.

The software offers a range of reports and also provides tailor made reports, which can be presented visually within the interface or exported in Excel format for further analysis.


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