Effortlessly navigates hierarchies, integrates skills, tracks competencies, streamlines training. With 360-degree evaluations, ensures precise assessments, elevating workforce potential.

The software enables flexible management of hierarchical structures, customizable competency and skill evaluations.
The software has the capability to represent a sophisticated hierarchical structure that includes various elements, such as different countries, sites, departments, divisions, teams, and individuals.
This versatility enables seamless global implementation while accommodating diverse user rights, effectively representing the complexity of a global organizational structure.

Moreover, it allows for the incorporation of additional customized hierarchy options.

It has the possibility to construct a comprehensive competency and skill vocabulary that can be tailored and distributed across various competency groups to meet the specific needs of the company.

Within the software, you have the flexibility to define the individual skills and competencies for each employee.

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The software is designed to facilitate competency and skill evaluation. It offers a user-friendly interface that empowers managers to access a comprehensive view of all the pertinent skills and competencies required for a given position.

In the software, you can also effectively define training programs, encompassing essential parameters such as budget allocation, training organizers, duration, location, objectives, and any other necessary details for comprehensive and efficient training management.


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